Ethical Materials


When we design things, we want our end product to be good for the maker, good for the buyer, and good for the earth. We are conscious of where our materials come from and where they may end up in the future. For these reasons, we only source precious metals that are recycled or fair-mined, and we work with materials that can be reworked or recycled in the future. We would hate the thought that we are creating more "stuff" in the world destined to landfill. Our objects are meant to last, be passed on, and if nothing else, repurposed. All silver and gold is sourced from Hoover and Strong, the industry leader in ethical sourcing and refining practices, and is certified 100% recycled. All diamonds are conflict-free and ethically sourced. Working on a small scale allows us to be extremely selective with our sourcing so we can feel good about our choices and the jewelry we make.